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Wequassett Resort Signature Collection

Civic / Resort

PSD designed and built three new luxury accommodation buildings, the “Signature Collection.” The new buildings each house eight hotel units—four per floor. In one of the three buildings facing Round Cove two units are combined to create a large and luxurious suite. All of the units have connections to adjacent units so that up to four units can be combined for a single family. The fourth building faces Pleasant Bay directly and its floor plan is slightly different—all four waterfront units are “mini-suites,” consisting of both a living room and bedroom in each.

To minimize disturbance of the natural coastal landscape, all of the buildings were placed on the footprints of existing buildings that had almost identical shapes. We assembled a team of environmental experts, engineers and attorneys to insure careful stewardship of this fragile environment and to shepherd the project through a lengthy and complex permitting process. Obsolete one story buildings were replaced with two story buildings that capitalize on spectacular views of Pleasant Bay and Round Cove. The rooms are filled with up-to-date amenities and features but are within buildings that use simple forms reminiscent of vernacular New England architecture. These architectural references, along with careful integration with the seaside landscape, create a quiet sense of repose appropriate for the relaxing getaways sought by the Wequassett’s guests.

Oversized windows reduce the apparent scale on the portions of the exterior that face the landscape and open up the rooms to light and framed views of the landscape and beyond. Facing the ocean, large walls and doors maximize view and connect each room to a private deck or patio. The design process was an exercise in very precise planning. Each unit had to accommodate a very specific set of furniture, electronic devices, fireplaces, coffee makers, refrigerators, and accessories.