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Wequassett Resort Pool Complex

Civic / Resort
Wequassett Pool Complex Psd 1 Dusk
Wequassett Pool Complex Psd 2 Day
Wequassett Pool Complex Psd 3 L Fountain

PSD designed a variety of structures (bar, pavilion, hospitality stations, decks and their railings, pool equipment enclosure, boat rental kiosk) and furniture (lifeguard chair, fire-pit seating) associated with a new swimming pool complex at the Wequassett Resort on Pleasant Bay. The pool, steps down to the pool, terraces, and plantings were designed by landscape architect David Hawk. The entire complex was built by our firm during an eight-month off-season.

The new structures and details capture a sense of openness, a certain porous quality that allows sunlight, views, and cooling breezes to intermingle in a relaxed setting. One arrives at an upper level existing restaurant, overlooking the new complex, which is distributed down-slope to the south, gently unfolding toward the water. Low stone walls and cascades of steps help to define zones of relaxation. Down a short run of stairs one arrives at a gently curved walkway that leads off to the east toward the octagonal bar structure, which suggests a loggia support by Tuscan columns. The exposed roof structure is covered with white canvas to shelter patrons from the sun, and is surmounted with a flag-topped cupola. At night the bar glows from within, creating a beacon of hospitality. To the north of the bar is a circular area for outside dining.

Nearby is another circular element, a welcoming seating area with cushions that surround an outdoor fire pit rendered in rustic stone. From here a curved grassy area embraces an in-ground pool, offering sunny places to lounge. Extending along the western water edge is an upper wood deck with a series of open wooden pavilions that can be enclosed with canvas curtains, providing a private place to sit with friends and family. Beyond the pool, farther to the south, is a lower wood deck and the boat rental kiosk.

Wequassett Pool Complex Psd 4 L Pavilion
Wequassett Pool Complex Psd 4 R Lifeguard Chair
Wequassett Pool Complex Psd 5 L Pavilion
Wequassett Pool Complex Psd 5 R Pavilion
Wequassett Pool Complex Psd 6 Firepit
Wequassett Pool Complex Psd 7 Water