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One Team, One Reputation, One Roof

An integrated architecture and construction model

What makes an exceptional design and building experience? A fully integrated approach that anticipates challenges, brings clarity to complexity, and provides for seamless communication among all team members. A collaborative approach that keeps clients informed, engaged and excited at every step. A single, responsive, and creative design and construction team dedicated to realizing a unified vision: yours.

Our Services A coordinated, collaborative design build process

From site selection to architectural design to building construction and detailed handwork, PSD shepherds every project via a carefully coordinated process that allows for continuous engagement and collaboration between the project team and the client.

PSD’s process is very collaborative and thoughtful. With every move of the pen, I sensed that they were focused on how our vision would successfully translate to the finished result.
Cyndy Leahy Client
Environmental integrity, enduring value

The true essence of sustainability is creative architectural design and high quality construction craftsmanship that will be beloved and endure for generations. We approach each client’s project with the goal of designing and building an exceptional building that will not only delight and serve its owners today, but will be cherished for years to come. As stewards of the land and caretakers of our coastal communities, we are committed to environmentally sensitive design practices, and to building in ways that use natural resources carefully and creatively.

We work with each client to maximize efficiency, and incorporate renewable materials
that are climate appropriate for New England.