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Sundowner Psd 1 Exterior
Sundowner Psd 2 L Exterior
Sundowner Psd 2 R Exterior
Sundowner Psd 3 Exterior

Broad flat columns, big overhangs, crisp triangular roof shapes, window sizes ranging from extra small to extra large, fat window muntins, and a flaring copper chimney cap give Sundowner a happy, iconic character of “home” that a child’s drawing might evoke. Slight exaggeration combined with traditional forms makes the house feel familiar but different; timeless but fresh and unexpected; inviting but bold.

Set on the eastern edge of a wide salt water creek at the point where it opens to Nantucket Sound, the site offers views to the north, west, and south over the creek to beach, marsh, and open water. The beach across the creek is popular with families. In the summertime, the soft background sound of laughing children along with rustling beach grass is carried to the house on the prevailing southwest breeze. The west-facing waterfront allows views to the last rays of the setting sun, stretching the day to its fullest extent. It is a magical setting that arouses the senses and calms the nerves day and night. The plan is arranged so every room has a water view, even the study and second-floor sitting area on the street side of the house have views of Nantucket Sound as it wraps around to the south. The first-floor primary bedroom suite faces the corner of the site that has the most privacy and is set back from the street behind the mudroom, side entry, and laundry room. It has its own small terrace beyond a pair of doors. The family room has three exposures: east, south, and west, giving it good natural light all day long. Two of the three guest bedrooms on the second floor occupy corners of the house and have views in, and light from, two directions. In addition to capturing all-day light, Sundowner is a house that captures the imagination, evokes a smile, and symbolizes special times in a special place.

Sundowner Psd 4 R Exterior
Sundowner Psd 5 Exterior
Sundowner Psd 6 Living Room
Sundowner Psd 7 Kitchen
Sundowner Psd 8 L Bathroom
Sundowner Psd 8 R Bedroom
Sundowner Psd 9 Bedroom
Sundowner Psd 10 L Exterior
Sundowner Psd 10 R Exterior