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Stage Neck

Stage Neck Psd 1 Exterior
Stage Neck Psd 2 L Exterior

Stage Neck is a peninsula surrounded by harbors, coves, salt ponds, and tidal rivers. At the tip is a high bluff—with spectacular long-distance views. For a client fortunate to find a rare piece of undeveloped land there, PSD designed and built a year-round home with a character that, while still rooted in the Cape Cod vernacular, is a little more urbane than the typical Cape Cod house, which is often set up for use in the summer only. Even as a year-round home, the design is based on capturing the view and creating indoor and outdoor living spaces that work well together for relaxed living. The vaguely English Arts and Crafts-inspired double gable facing the front yard creates a sophisticated image for the entry, while the classic, broad front porch and view through the house to the ocean are grand but welcoming.

A three-season porch at the east end of the house provides a glassy room that is both visually open to the outdoors and intimately cozy, being centered on a fireplace. The roof deck above provides shared access to the outside and spectacular views. A covered terrace off the back of the house provides a sheltered space from which to enjoy the view and the yard. Lawn and terraces in the landscape provide additional exterior spaces for socializing and play. A pool and pool house complete the inviting, family-oriented compound. PSD also renovated a historic townhouse on Beacon Hill in Boston for the same client.

Stage Neck Psd 3 Exterior
Stage Neck Psd 4 Exterior
Stage Neck Psd 5 L Entry
Stage Neck Psd 5 R Entry
Stage Neck Psd 6 Living Room
Stage Neck Psd 7 L Fireplace
Stage Neck Psd 7 R Pantry
Stage Neck Psd 8 L Kitchen
Stage Neck Psd 8 R Bedroom
Stage Neck Psd 9 L Bathroom
Stage Neck Psd 9 R Exterior