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Nantucket Psd 1 Exterior

Meadowcrest is a vernacular Nantucket shingle-style house that meets the very specific local design regulations, but is not identical to any other house on the island. The property had an existing family home on a heavily wooded site, but the newest generation envisioned an updated retreat for the large property. Our firm designed and built a new house, guest house, and ample outdoor living spaces for the family to fully enjoy their special oasis in the Nantucket coastal community.

Down a small side road, the property is tucked into a lightly wooded part of the island. The approach is from a winding driveway, which builds anticipation for the house. Alas, the site opens to a circular driveway, which passes the house and ends at the guest house along the far side of the property. There is a casual but classical look, with natural cedar shingles and trim weathering to a silver gray. Basic vernacular columns and a simple, but powerful screen wall appear at the main entry and a small front porch opens the inside to the front yard.

The interiors feel natural and organic in design with a mostly neutral color palette. The main living spaces are open to one another, but defined by ceiling details, arches, and partial walls. The interior spaces flow out to the exterior spaces beyond the house. Screen plantings create a private backyard that features a terrace, swimming pool, and granite fire pit. Subtle harmony exists between the main house, guest house, and outdoor living spaces.

Nantucket Psd 2 R Front Porch
Nantucket Psd 2 L Exterior Porch
Nantucket Psd 3 R Stairhall
Nantucket Psd 3 Living Room
Nantucket Psd 4 L Kitchen Overall
Nantucket Psd 4 R Mudroom
Nantucket Psd 5 Overall
Nantucket Psd 7 L Laundry Room
Nantucket Psd 7 R Bedroom
Nantucket Psd 6 L Bedroom
Nantucket Psd 6 R Bathroom
Nantucket Psd 8 Finished Lower Levelt
Nantucket Psd 9 L Guest House
Nantucket Psd 9 R Exterior
Nantucket Psd 10 Exterior
Nantucket Psd 11 Exterior
Nantucket Psd 12 Exterior