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Because of its distinct contemporary shingle-style character, Laissez-Faire has much more presence in its neighborhood than its relatively small square footage would imply. While one’s first impression of the house is of balance and simplicity, like much of PSD’s work a relatively high degree of complexity in form making and planning was necessary to achieve that first impression.

Laissez Faire PSD Back Porch
Scope of Work Architecture, Construction
Finished Space Above Grade 2,821
Photography Brian Vanden Brink
Laissez Faire PSD 1 Exterior

Warm gray painted trim and window sash are more emphatic than weathered wood, but less bold and common than bright white.

A stout column, also in warm gray, is a friendly sentinel welcoming visitors to a small entry porch cut into a gambrel-roofed bay that projects toward a simple arc-shaped drive and the street.

Laissez Faire PSD 2 L Exterior
Laissez Faire PSD 2 R Exterior
Laissez Faire PSD 3 L Exterior
Laissez Faire PSD 3 R Exterior
Laissez Faire PSD Back Exterior
Laissez Faire PSD 5 Living Room
Laissez Faire PSD 6 L Fireplace

Living spaces are arranged along the back of the house facing a salt water marsh and creek.

Sophisticated but playful architectural details and decorating participate in a complex relationship of dynamic and calm spaces. Inside and out the overall effect reflects the gracious and urbane character of the owners and is well suited to the subtle but dynamic beauty of their property.

Laissez Faire PSD 7 Kitchen
Laissez Faire PSD 8 L Kitchen
Laissez Faire PSD 8 R Dining Room
Laissez Faire PSD 9 Hall
Laissez Faire PSD 10 L Bathroom
Laissez Faire PSD 10 R Bedroom

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Laissez-Faire, by Chris White, Annual Guide 2020.

PSD Fine Homebuilding Fall Winter2019 Laissez Faire Bathroom
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Great Ideas: On point en suite, by Maureen Friedman, Issue #287, Fall/Winter 2019. (Bathroom)