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The front façade of PSD's "Just Off Shore" project.

Just Off Shore

As the moon rises and the sun sets; as the moon sets and the sun rises; and at all the other times of day, Just Off Shore is a jewel in the necklace of harborfront homes on Cape Cod. The umbrella gambrel roof (three facets on each side of a gable where the bottom facet flares out), large roof overhangs, and a broad front porch, create a classic New England summer cottage—orderly but relaxed.

Just Off Shore as the sun is setting.
Scope of Work Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Construction
Finished Space Above Grade 3,918
Photography Brian Vanden Brink
Just Off Shore 1 Exterior

Contributing to the welcoming nature of the projecting central bay of the façade, a simple gridded Palladian window is on center with the front door. It punctuates without being too grand or formal.

Shed roofed dormers flank the central gambrel to provide comfortable second floor space without overwhelming the one-and-one-half story scale of the front. Craftsman style posts and brackets hold up the roof of the porch. They are robust, to be in scale with the house and the landscape; simple, friendly, and elegant.

PSD Just Off Shore Front Entry
PSD Just Off Shore Stair

Inside, lighthouse cut-outs in the stair balustrade are a whimsical reference to the historic and much beloved lighthouse nearby.

At night, the light perpetually sweeps over the neighborhood as a reassuring presence. The Palladian window greets the neighborhood and village beyond. Large cased openings connect kitchen, dining, and living spaces across the water-facing side of the house. They create a sense of separation without impeding circulation or socializing.

Just Off Shore 3 Kitchen
Just Off Shore 4 Dining
Just Off Shore 5 Living Room

The site faces due east with views over harbor, outer beach, and ocean. As the harbor here is an active fishing port and popular pleasure boating area, dynamic activity is nearby but separated from the house by yard, face of bluff, and private beach below.

Just Off Shore 6 Bedroom
Just Off Shore 7 L Bathroom
Just Off Shore 7 R Office
Just Off Shore 8 Sitting Area

On the sides and back, bay windows abound to bring in light from multiple directions and to expand the view out. Twin towers at both back corners also expand the view, capitalizing on interesting and beautiful views up and down the coast in addition to straight out.

Just Off Shore 9 2 Exterior
The dining area in the kitchen space. There is an incredible view to the ocean.

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