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Just Off Shore

2019 PRISM Award (SILVER)
Just Off Shore 1 Exterior
Just Off Shore 2 R Stair

Just Off Shore is a new home located, as its name suggests, on a waterfront property, separated from the ocean only by a steep bluff and the outer beach. It has panoramic views of the harbor, outer beach and ocean beyond, with frequent boat activity providing for hours of enjoyment. This is the first newly constructed home, but fourth total home our firm has worked on for the same client—the three previous homes being historic renovations. With a long-standing relationship, our clients were very familiar with and appreciated the process.

Such a special location called for a special house that took full advantage of the vast seascape. It was requested that all major living spaces have some sort of view to the water. To achieve this, the rear of the house is mostly windows with corner pavilions flanking a two-story facade. The interior tones are calm, light, clean and work well with its location by the sea. Details, such as the reoccurring lighthouse cut out in the stair hall and the large second floor window, add to the home’s character. The house is filled with abundant light throughout the day.

Being so close to the water presented challenges when deciding to build. With unfavorable soil conditions and new foundation footings close to the water table, the foundation needed careful engineering. Zoning Board of Appeals and Conservation restrictions also existed with this property.

Just Off Shore 3 Kitchen
Just Off Shore 4 Dining
Just Off Shore 5 Living Room
Just Off Shore 6 Bedroom
Just Off Shore 7 L Bathroom
Just Off Shore 7 R Office
Just Off Shore 8 Sitting Area
Just Off Shore 9 2 Exterior