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Cape Watch

2020 PRISM Award (GOLD)
Cape Watch Psd 1 L Entry
Cape Watch Psd 1 R Balcony
Cape Watch Psd 2 Living Spaces
Cape Watch Psd 2 A Living Spaces
Cape Watch Psd 3 L Living Room
Cape Watch Psd 3 R Stair
Cape Watch Psd 4 L Stair

Cape Watch sits high on a hill in a historic Massachusetts South Shore town. It overlooks woodlands that stretch across rolling terrain all the way to the beach on Cape Cod Bay. On a clear day the bending arm of Cape Cod, the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, and the open Atlantic Ocean beyond are all visible. Such a broad, layered, long-distant view is rare in coastal southern New England. One can imagine Thoreau, on the fabled tour that brought him to Cape Cod, gazing upon this same prospect. It appears as if the landscape has been virtually untouched since his book “Cape Cod” was published in 1865.

While the view is expansive, the lot is narrow. Fitting a generous house with a non-street facing two-car garage and space to back up and park was a challenge. An L-shaped plan with the garage perpendicular to the main body of the house was PSD’s solution. A simple tower occurs at the intersection of the two wings and marks the front entry. Substantial abstracted classical columns symbolize welcome and define a small front porch—just big enough for street-facing neighborhood socializing. Wrap-around windows facing the view contrast with more traditional windows and shutters on the entry facade.

Inside, open contemporary living space combined with simple but classic detailing enables comfortable family living in a timeless environment. Upon entering there is a view through the first floor, across a large deck, and out to the ocean. The tower encloses the stair and creates a dramatic outlook point from an interior second floor balcony. An exterior balcony sits in the middle of the second floor and creates a perch where a couple or small group can enjoy the stunning land and sea-scape.

Cape Watch Psd 5 Sitting Area
Cape Watch Psd 6 B Bedroom
Cape Watch Psd 7 L Bathroom
Cape Watch Psd 8 R Exterior