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Cape Cod Farm House


Cape Cod Farm House is a contemporary “farmhouse” that sits on a peaceful site that was once a working farm. Although no farming is currently done on the property, it evokes the best of the tradition with an open landscape, wrap-around porch, simple gables, and shed dormers. The client had spent time on a farm that was quite special to her, and this experience influenced the design of the home that PSD created with her.

Coupled with the farmhouse characteristics is the feeling of a traditional Shingle Style cottage. The original cottage sat in a grassy field, but did not ignore its proximity to the sea. It had a small tower that looked like a lighthouse. Having rented the original cottage for 14 years, nostalgia for the original space inspired certain elements of the later design. A tower rises from one corner of the new home. Atop the tower a PSD-designed weather vane follows the breeze. Its first floor screened-in porch and treetop sitting area off the master bedroom connects the farmhouse and Shingle Style cottage vernaculars. Inside, architectural elements like crown molding, V-groove paneling, and raised fireplace paneling continue this connection.

The landscape itself, and specifically a prominent maple tree, became an additional focal point for the home’s design. While renting the previous cottage, the client found herself often sitting under the maple tree on summer days. Inside, open and bright living spaces are oriented towards this special tree, connecting the house to the landscape. The interior layout itself is also designed around tranquility and connectivity. A Moroccan-inspired master bath is a unique retreat for the owners within a retreat for their entire family. A separate guest house and garage looks like a small barn that has been modified over time.