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News Article PSD’s “Patience” Featured in Chatham Living by the Sea

Patience Made Perfect: A renovated and expanded historic property, plus a new guest house, form a unique compound. 

The is a wonderful property for family togetherness and fun. PSD renovated and expanded the historic house years back, then added a pool/landscape features, and most recently, after the client purchased the neighboring property, we created a guest house and made the two cohesive to form a compound. SLC Interiors served as the interior designer for both houses, and Gregory Lombardi Design served as the landscape architect for the final, joining landscape.

Captain’s Row is on a village street lined with the homes of prominent 19th Century seafarers. Patience, built early in the street’s development, is one of the simpler homes in the village. It was named after Patia (Patience) Howes, the wife in the couple who built it in 1837. At the time, New England vernacular houses were commonly Greek or Gothic Revival, or Cape Cod Cottages. This home is a relatively modest, but still stately and refined Greek Revival.

The site is upon a small ridge that runs along this side of the street. In the colonial era, and before, there were few trees in the area and a view of a large salt pond was visible from the site. A classical precinct—a modern day Acropolis—is a fitting architectural image for such a nearly-sacred site. With its Greek temple-inspired historical form, its more modest but similarly proportioned guest house, and substantial stone walls, steps, and columnar trees in the landscape, a mini-Acropolis has been created.