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Our Services

Site Selection & Permitting

As a fully integrated architecture and construction firm working on Cape Cod, the Islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, and throughout coastal southeastern New England, we provide comprehensive services to support the design and construction requirements of every custom project—from site selection and permitting to landscape design to post-construction maintenance.

Site selection and permitting are critical to the successful outcome of every project, and can often pose unforeseen challenges. State and municipal regulations, including zoning, environmental, and historic restrictions must be understood and thoughtfully navigated.


We have experience and sound judgement in these areas, offering great value to our clients. Many clients engage us early in the discovery process to assess the appropriateness of sites under consideration.

We have expertise in permitting of complex projects, especially projects on coastal sites. We are also well-versed in navigating local regulations.

PSD site plans.
PSD provides site selection and permitting services.
Looking at a home being built on a PSD construction site.


We take each site’s unique composition into consideration, study the various regulatory parameters that impact the site, and make recommendations based on our assessment.

PSD manages all aspects of the permitting process for its clients. Our team will often engage with and oversee relationships with trusted consultants who specialize in specific areas of permitting.

Leveraging our experience, relationships and local knowledge, we assemble expert teams to help shepherd sensitive projects through complex permitting processes, with a goal of achieving the client’s vision and maximizing their investment within sustainable practices.