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Time Out

2013 Chatham Preservation Award

Time Out is an early 19th Century Greek Revival house in one of Cape Cod’s most treasured historic districts. While the original vernacular proportions and details were not beautifully executed, the house contributed significantly to the fabric of the dense “Old Village” and was a protected historic structure. PSD’s renovation re-made the historic portion of the exterior to match the existing form and character but to improve the faulty details and crude assemblages of the original. The more contemporary additions at the back were replaced with simple vernacular forms intended to subtly contrast with, and recede beyond, the more detailed front. The existing interior of small dark rooms was gutted and replaced with an open plan set up for casual living for a large family that frequently retreats to the house, beach and village nearby. Outdoor living spaces occur at the back, side and front where the ocean view is most visible. The nearby street and public sidewalk are shielded by grade changes, steps and walls.