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Lucky’s Bluff

Luckys Bluff Psd 1 Exterior
Luckys Bluff Psd 2 L Side Elevation
Luckys Bluff Psd 2 R Sitting
Luckys Bluff Psd 3 Kitchen
Luckys Bluff Psd 4 L Kitchen
Luckys Bluff Psd 4 R Living Spaces
Luckys Bluff Psd 5 Living

Perched on the top of a high bluff, this house overlooks Cape Cod Bay and its dramatic expanse of tidal flats. The site’s close proximity to a steep coastal bank, and tight setback restrictions, presented challenges when designing and building a new home for the property. PSD utilized the existing building footprint along with the small amount of available lot coverage to create a cozy, yet comfortable floor plan.

One approaches the welcoming, street-facing facade via a semi-circle driveway. Nodding to the home’s seaside location, the windows are adorned with classic v-groove shutters that feature scallop shell cutouts. PSD created two separate hood roofs for the main and secondary entrances, which are functional—as covers from the elements—but are also decorative—as showcased by the elegantly designed support brackets. The gambrel roof shape with shed dormers helps maximize the living space on the second floor. At the rear of the house is a stone patio for outdoor living. Stairs down the bluff lead directly to the beach and bay.

It was important to the client that the first floor have an open layout to maximize natural light and vistas towards the bay and to facilitate social interaction. From the front door, there is a view straight through the house and rear doors to the expanse of beach and ocean. The rear, northeast-facing elevation consists of continuous glass windows and doors to take advantage of the views and landscape. The living spaces are open to one another, but with slight separation created by interior columns and cabinetry. On the second floor, three bedrooms all face the view.

Luckys Bluff Psd 6 Stair
Luckys Bluff Psd 7 Bedroom
Luckys Bluff Psd 8 Bedroom
Luckys Bluff Psd 9 L Exterior
Luckys Bluff Psd 9 R Exterior