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Little Beach

When an umbrella gambrel (a gambrel roof breaks into two different pitches, an umbrella gambrel into three with its lowest facet flaring at the eaves) is hipped and combined with a large overhang, a dominant form, something like a “hat,” results. The house at Little Beach has such a roof, and it also uses the same gambrel, but with a flat gable end creating a distinct shape, as a projecting entry pavilion and porch. It also incorporates dormers for second-floor light, view, and headroom.

Little Beach PSD Detail
Scope of Work Architecture, Construction
Finished Space Above Grade 2,918
Photography Brian Vanden Brink
Little Beach PSD 1 Exterior

Oversized windows and shutters bring the overall scale down and add charm.

Abundant flowers, a small playing field behind a picket fence, and a pool in the backyard make for an inviting beach house getaway, just right for the family of four for which it was designed and built.

Little Beach PSD 3 R Exterior
Little Beach PSD Exterior Side
Little Beach PSD 4 L Exterior
Little Beach PSD 4 R Exterior

Interior spaces are simple but well proportioned and brightly lit.

The living room has all-day sun from windows facing three directions. Living, kitchen, and dining spaces are open to one another but defined by ceiling shapes and textures. The primary bedroom is located to have the best view possible on the site.

Little Beach PSD 5 R Living Room
Little Beach PSD 5 L Entry
Little Beach PSD 6 Kitchen
Little Beach PSD 7 L Kitchen
Little Beach PSD 7 R Hall
Little Beach PSD 8 L Bathroom
Little Beach PSD 8 R Exterior