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La Dolce Vita


The clients sought a unique but traditional house that would feel like a compact cottage when viewed from the street but still function as a spacious family home. It sits on a rise providing separation from the street and peeks of ocean view. An arched opening announces the front door emphatically but casually. Whimsical but simple details, like a small, off-center square window and an oval window tight against the side door, enliven the well-proportioned form. A steep roof furthers the whimsical feeling and helps give the house a touch of storybook character. A slightly top-heavy but charming disposition results from the geometric form created by the steep roof and overhangs bearing down on the form below.

The living, dining and kitchen are in one open great room with all-day light from east, south and west facing windows. French doors connect the space to south facing outdoor living space on deck, patios and lawn behind the house. A freestanding garage with a playroom above is a miniature version of the house that tucks into a rise at the back of the property.