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Historic Hamblin House

2017 Chatham Preservation Award
2017 PRISM Award (GOLD)
Hamblin House Psd 1 Exterior
Hamblin House Psd 2 L Exterior
Hamblin House Psd 2 R Exterior
Hamblin House Psd 3 Exterior
Hamblin House Psd 4 L Exterior

Originally built around 1900, Historic Hamblin House is a large two-and-a-half story Colonial Revival/Shingle Style home located on one of Cape Cod’s grandest seaside boulevards. The house sits high on a knoll and overlooks harbor, outer beach, ocean, and a built context of mostly large historic homes. PSD added a second-floor addition over a 1990’s addition that had proportions and details incompatible with the historic house, replaced a contemporary bay window with a more substantial historically influenced one, and re-worked interior spaces to solve circulation problems and open them up to the view. A new kitchen, formal and informal dining spaces, woodwork in the living and family rooms, and a primary bedroom sitting room were added. The sitting room occupies the spot in the house with the best view, but had previously been a bathroom with no window facing the view. Below is an excerpt from Ocean’s Garland, a poem about the house by GennaRose Nethercott, commissioned by PSD.

The village is familiar
with your form blooming
against the shore. You feed
the land on which you rest

and you drink from the sea.
Every part of you was placed
with intention—for is intention
not the mother of grace?

Hamblin House Psd 5 Living Room
Hamblin House Psd 6 Sitting Room
Hamblin House Psd 7 L Detail
Hamblin House Psd 7 R Arch
Hamblin House Psd 8 Kitchen
Hamblin House Psd 9 L Kitchen
Hamblin House Psd 9 R Dining Room
Hamblin House Psd 10 Detail
Hamblin House Psd 11 L Primary
Hamblin House Psd 11 R Exterior