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Eagle’s Nest

2020 PRISM Award (SILVER)
2021 BRICC Award (GOLD)
Eagles Nest Psd 1 Exterior
Eagles Nest Psd 2 Exterior
Eagles Nest Psd 3 Entry Text

Located on the South Shore of Massachusetts, Eagle's Nest is a compact contemporary shingle style house—with mass that appears carved from a single block as opposed to built up additively. The front displays balanced asymmetry, where there is such strong symmetry in the center (vaguely classical entry porch, semicircular dormer window, and cupola), that as one moves away from the center the symmetry breaks down without diminishing the strength or primacy of the entry sequence. On the two water view sides the roof appears to peel up to reveal a second floor that has a continuous band of windows to the panoramic view. The garage is within the mass of the house but hidden from public view on the non-water view side. The compact rectangular footprint including the garage allows the house to appear object-like, perched above the bay. The custom designed and fabricated eagle and fish weathervane is a symbol of the location, visible from out on the bay due to its scale and profile.

Inside, the rooms wrap the two view sides so that all living spaces and bedrooms have water views. There is a primary suite including an office, sleeping room, bath and dressing room on the first floor and two bedrooms, a sitting area/loft and a bonus room on the second floor. The woodwork in the dramatic entry/stair hall clads a nautically inspired barrel-vaulted ceiling including decorative ribs. Located in a neighborhood that includes shingle style homes from the past, yet not replicative of any, this house is designed and built to be a creative reinterpretation of a historic and beloved New England coastal architecture.

Eagles Nest Psd 4 R Entry
Eagles Nest Psd 4 R Entry Hall
Eagles Nest Psd 5 Kitchen
Eagles Nest Psd 6 L Sitting Area
Eagles Nest Psd 6 R Kitchen
Eagles Nest Psd 7 Living Room
Eagles Nest Psd 8 L2 Bathroom
Eagles Nest Psd 8 R Bedroom
Eagles Nest Psd 9 Bedroom View
Eagles Nest Psd 10 L Office
Eagles Nest Psd 10 R Weathervane2
Eagles Nest Psd 11 L Exterior
Eagles Nest Psd 11 R Exterior
Eagles Nest Psd 12 Exterior