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News Article PSD’s Newest Book Recognized with a 2017 Royal Dragonfly Book Award
Living Where Land Meets Sea: The Houses of Polhemus Savery DaSilva receives first place in the Home and Garden category.

PSD is awarded with a 2017 Royal Dragonfly Book Award. The judges of the 2017 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards contest, which recognizes excellence in all genres of literature, named PSD’s Living Where Land Meets Sea first place in the Home and Garden category.

The 376-page book is the third on the work of PSD by the renowned architecture and design publisher, Images. It features an introduction by John Wriedt, editor of Architecture from the Inside Out, text by PSD’s Design Principal, John R. DaSilva, interpretive poetry by GennaRose Nethercott, 2017 National Poetry Series winner, and principal photography by Brian Vanden Brink. With stunning photographs, thoughtful and informative text, and beautiful poetry the book illustrates the creativity, care, and attention PSD takes to create homes and resorts that seamlessly blend influences from the past with the way we live now.

“Winning any place in the Royal Dragonfly Contest is a huge honor. To maintain the integrity of the Dragonfly Book Awards, a minimum score is required before a First or Second Place or Honorable Mention will be awarded…” explains Linda F. Radke, president of the Dragonfly Book Awards program. “Competition is steep, too, because there is no publication date limit as long as the book is still in print.”

The Royal Dragonfly Book Award contest, launched in 2011, honors excellence in all types of literature.  It recognizes creativity and hard work for a comprehensive list of literary genres. Judges are industry experts with specific knowledge about the categories over which they preside.

“When you believe you have something valuable to contribute, I believe it is important to share it, states John R. DaSilva, Design Principal at PSD. “We find that well-conceived and beautifully crafted books tell the story of our work in a way that resonates with readers and leaves them with a keepsake worth returning to again and again.  It is thrilling to receive confirmation through a Royal Dragonfly Award that our book is recognized as making such a valuable contribution.”

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