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The PSD Collection The Art of Creating Houses Polhemus Savery DaSilva

This major new monograph on our work was published in late 2023. The 27 diverse and delightful PSD houses featured in this book, all from New England, are extraordinary examples of the artistry of architecture and construction.

The work of PSD synthesizes ideas from modernism, Shingle Style, and New England vernacular architecture into special homes that are carefully crafted for each different site and client. PSD’s poetic architecture reflects on the joy of living by the New England coast, and this major new monograph, The Art of Creating Houses: Polhemus Savery DaSilva, beautifully presents that work and the ideas embodied within it. Lavishly illustrated with sumptuous photography and clearly written coverage of PSD’s most recent work, this monograph features twenty-seven select homes designed and built by the firm. This stunning volume also contains a foreword by Brian Vanden Brink; an introduction by Victor Deupi, PhD; and text by John R. DaSilva, FAIA, the firm’s Design Principal. This new volume is a brilliant companion to the firm’s earlier monographs, namely Living Where Land Meets the Sea, Shingled Houses in the Summer Sun, and Architecture of the Cape Cod Summer.

  • 468 pages, 11 x 11 in (280 x 280 mm), full color
  • With clear coverage and insightful comments, each project is a unique work of architectural art, and the designs reflect a deep understanding of architectural history, contemporary living, and tectonic craft
  • Synthesizing ideas from modernism, Shingle Style, and New England vernacular architecture, these select homes demonstrate the execution of forms, spaces, and details, reflecting creative invention within a familiar language
  • This exquisite book features magnificent photographs, several gatefold pages that reveal stunning 33 inch-wide images, a selection of landscape design sketches, finishing with a section including detailed floor plans of each of the featured residences
  • Beautifully presented with thoughtful craftsmanship, the images are coated in glossy spot varnish to enhance the vibrancy of the colors, while the navy blue cloth cover underneath the jacket adds to the luxurious feel of the book