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The Moorings

2010 Bulfinch Award
2010 Chatham Preservation Award
The Moorings Psd 1 L Exterior
The Moorings Psd 1 R Exterior

This grand Italianate house was named The Moorings when it became the retirement home of Rear Admiral Charles Rockwell in 1901. Eventually the property became a well-recognized bed and breakfast, perhaps best known by its prominent octagonal porch. This Shingle Style porch was likely added around 1901 by Admiral Rockwell. The original 1864 Italianate structure has undergone several additions and renovations over time. The grounds are located on historic Main Street, just a short walk from the heart of downtown Chatham and Chatham harbor.

PSD restored the exterior portion of the home that is most visible from Main Street to its 1901 appearance (as documented in historical photographs). Non-historically-accurate features of the house that had accumulated throughout the years after the Admiral’s days were removed, both inside and out. The existing interior spaces were altered subtly to allow natural light deeper into them, to improve circulation, to create a large new primary suite on the second floor, and to provide a private guest suite on the first floor. As it did historically, the floor plan still flows around the kitchen, which sits at its core, but it is now fully renovated and more functional for contemporary living.

The Moorings Psd 2 R Exterior
The Moorings Psd 3 L Exterior
The Moorings Psd 3 R Exterior
The Moorings Psd 4 L Entry
The Moorings Psd 4 R Dining Room
The Moorings Psd 5 L Entry
The Moorings Psd 5 R Study
The Moorings Psd 6 L Kitchen
The Moorings Psd 6 R Kitchen
The Moorings Psd 7 L Bathroom
The Moorings Psd 7 R Bedroom