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Seacrest Psd 1 L Exterior
Seacrest Psd 1 R Exterior
Seacrest Psd 2 L Exterior
Seacrest Psd 2 R Exterior

Seacrest is a South Shore mansion originally designed by Richard Morris Hunt (preeminent 19th Century architect of Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Breakers in Newport) and built for relatives of his in 1890. During WWII Seacrest was taken over by the Coast Guard as a communications center. PSD has completed extensive restoration and renovation work including a new kitchen and sitting room interior. We are proud to share stewardship of this architecturally and historically significant home with its current owner. Below is an excerpt from GennaRose Nethercott’s poem Seacrest, commissioned by PSD.

Today it grows white-slicked,

woodwork made spark with light, shadows in intricate florets
along the balustrade turned to bloom. Chandelier

aflutter as if built of feathers. Chimneys trumpeting
towards the sky. The stairwells proud-postured

as if at attention by command of some great general.
Even the sea, still peeking through the back door,

has not stopped conversing with the house.

Seacrest Psd 3 R Interior
Seacrest Psd 4 L Interior
Seacrest Psd 4 R Interior
Seacrest Psd 5 L Interior
Seacrest Psd 5 R Interior
Seacrest Psd 6 L Interior
Seacrest Psd 6 R Interior
Seacrest Psd 7 Interior
Seacrest Psd 8 Interior
Seacrest Psd 9 L Interior
Seacrest Psd 9 R Interior