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Quitnesset Hill


The house is sited on the highest point of the most southeasterly part of Cape Cod. The driveway rises gently toward the house, giving it an object-like appearance. The flat, open back yard also makes the house feel like an object sitting on a plane and the compact footprint and regular shape highlight this quality. A carriage house that is a reduced-size version of the house sits across the front yard creating a loosely defined courtyard. The traditional one-and-a-half story full Cape appearance of the front yields on the back to a vertical upward stretch that allows three floors of living space. A small and fanciful third floor porch is held up on whimsical brackets and is crowned with an evocative screen wall, shaped as if about to take flight. Like the screen wall, the interiors include flat, playful shapes that give a robust but friendly feeling. The generous living spaces are open to one another and set up to accommodate casual living for large groups of family and friends.