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Paradise Cove

2016 PRISM Award (SILVER)
Paradise Cove Psd 1 L Exterior
Paradise Cove Psd 1 R Exterior
Paradise Cove Psd 2 L Entry

On the garage of the home Paradise Cove hangs a sign with a popular Maine state slogan on it: “The Way Life Should Be.” For the owners, and many others, the classic cove-front estate represents just that. The house combines an expanded Cape form with Shingle Style elements and decorative interior finishes. A broad, triangular gable sits atop a central entrance Cape with a front porch supported by substantial columns. Turquoise board shutters with starfish cutouts hint at the vernacular of classic Cape Cod beach communities nearby. They are substantial enough to say “estate home” while at the same time representing a place of casual fun. Shingled brackets, an eyebrow dormer, and a ship’s stern balcony are at the center of the ocean cove facing back and surrounded by numerous windows to the view.

At the interior, a rustic stone fireplace with a rough-hewn timber mantle is at the center of the horizontally paneled living space while teak, mahogany, and cedar paneling give warm, rich character to other interior spaces. A small but important powder room is detailed as if on a yacht, with caulked teak floors and a real brass porthole holding a mirror. The warm tones and character of unfinished cedar board cladding makes the sunroom a special retreat any time of day.

Paradise Cove Psd 3 Living Room
Paradise Cove Psd 4 L Dining Room
Paradise Cove Psd 4 R Sunroom
Paradise Cove Psd 5 L Kitchen
Paradise Cove Psd 5 R Kitchen
Paradise Cove Psd 6 L Bedroom
Paradise Cove Psd 6 R Bathroom
Paradise Cove Psd 7 L Bedroom
Paradise Cove Psd 7 R Exterior
Paradise Cove Psd 8 L Exterior
Paradise Cove Psd 8 R Exterior