Architectural Design Services

Polhemus Savery DaSilva

Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects Builders pursues highly collaborative relationships with clients to engage and excite them about the creative process. This approach leads to heightened client participation and satisfaction. We work closely with residential clients to understand their lifestyles and needs, and with institutional and commercial clients to articulate organizational goals and suitable public imagery. Open and honest communication that fosters trust and confidence is at the heart of the experience.

Inspired by the distinctive landscape and vernacular architecture of the New England coast, we draw from a broad spectrum of architectural history to create fresh interpretations of historical approaches appropriate to the lifestyles of today. The careful consideration given to each project and site is reflected in designs that are in harmony with the land, relate appropriately to both the neighboring context and the continuum of architectural history, and optimize natural light and views.

We strive to create memorable architecture with timeless appeal. Imagination, beauty, wit, comfort, and precise functional accommodation are the signature qualities that define our work.