Design-Build for Commercial and Institutional Work

Wequassett Resort, Children's Center
Wequassett Resort, Pro Shop
Wequassett Resort, Signature Collection
Wequassett Resort, Pool Complex
Cape Cod Museum of Art
Kahn Art & Antiques
Gould Public Park Facilty

Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects Builders works closely with commercial and institutional design-build clients to identify and define organizational needs and objectives. We assist each client in articulating an identity and public image appropriate to its mission. This aspect of our work is particularly important for commercial and institutional clients engaged in major organizational growth or change.

Commercial and institutional projects by their very nature serve a variety of diverse audiences. Our design-build team strives to create aesthetically pleasing structures that are functional for owners and users alike, are respectful of context and surroundings, and will serve their clients with purpose and distinction.